This week we bring you the lovely color wearing enthusiast, dog mother, coffee brat and all round goddess of content, Paige Auber. She joined us for an Oh'Woman interview where we discussed work, life, future ambitions and more. Paige has been a friend of OhSevenDays for a few seasons now, and we were lucky enough to get some snapshots of her in our summer collections! 

Paige Wears:
Bloom Blouse
Thursday Tie Top (Sold Out) 
Who is Paige Auber?
I am a social media coordinator, lifestyle blogger, and outdoor lover living in Portland, Maine with my husband Ryan and our corgi pup, Turnip. 

Where did you grow up and what kind of kid were you?
I am originally from Rochester, New York, and lived there until I was 24. I was a very sensitive, creative, and passionate kid! Always loved to play dress up and coming up with dances to perform (with or without an audience). 

What advice do you have for your younger self?
Let go of all your self-doubt and just have FUN, time passes so quickly and that's how you learn who you are. 

How do you try to be more sustainable in your everyday life?
Being mindful and as prepared as possible in advance to waste less day today. Though in the midst of the pandemic it isn’t as easy right now, avoiding single-use plastic is key in our home as well as composting. 

Paige Auber

What do you consider to be your last victory? 
Going to the beach multiple times a week has not only a victory this Summer but an absolute privilege. Especially jumping into the ocean, there's nothing quite like it!

What are your thoughts on 'fast fashion' and what future does it have?
I hope with all the really important conversations that are being had about fast fashion, I would hope one day it wouldn't have a future. That would mean though that there have to be MORE conversations about inclusivity in sizing, affordability, and accessibility. You cannot reach a world without fast fashion without creating solutions first. 

Paige Auber

When do you feel the most content?
Spending time with my family outdoors is truly when I feel the most content! It's when I feel the most joy, can blow off the most steam and be totally in the moment. 

If you had to live out your days in one outfit, what would it be? 
Wide leg high waisted pants, a chunky sweater, and my snakeskin boots! Anything that screams Fall is nearby. 

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
More traveling, gardening, and adopting another pup to our family!

Paige Auber OhSevenDays

What is the last thing you ate? Was it tasty??
Yes homemade pizza with lots of veggies, just how it should be!

If you could snap your fingers and be teleported somewhere, where would it be? 
Sipping espresso and/or Aperol Spritz in the Italian countryside.

Book, music, or podcast recos?
BOOK: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 
MUSIC: Olympic Girls by Tiny Ruins 

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