This week we were joined by Elif Tanverdi, the Istanbul-based DJ, Music Producer, Yogi, TED talker, travel enthustiast and all round nice gal! Elif stopped by our studio and tried on some pieces from our new Spring Summer 2021 collection! Read more about Elif below....

Who is Cizenbayan? 

Cizenbayan is my almost 10 year old moniker that I took without giving it a second thought, when I first started creating online content. I took this moniker because back then I was still an architecture student and I was 'drawing' on Autocad and Photoshop all day. cizenbayan means the lady who draws,  a wordplay from a yarn brand 'orenbayan'.  Now It kind of stuck with me over the years :) I started writing about my life and experiences on my blog and working with brands on instagram before the world influencer existed and I made a slow transition from 'Influencer' to 'DJ/Producer' over the past 3-4 years. Nowadays I focus more on my music project, where I produce electronic music, melodic techno, deep, progressive and organic house to be more specific and I also DJ internationally. But I still use my 'cizenbayan' account mostly for communicate my values with the world, support friends brands and some collaborations every once in a while.

What's been a highlight in your career?
I guess for cizenbayan it could be giving a TEDx talk. For my music project releasing music on labels such as Anjunadeep and Stil vor Talent.

If you had to live out your days in one outfit, what would it be? 
Comfy pants and oversize t-shirt.
What has traveling taught you? 
To be flexible, that I can't really control anything and best is going with the flow!

How do you try to be more sustainable in your everyday life? 
I have a flask and a travel coffee mug that I carry around everywhere. This way I don't buy plastic bottles or coffee in a carton cup with a plastic lid. I have my reusable shopping bag. I switched to shampoo bars and I make my own almond milk to reduce waste in my household. I try to shop less, when I see a product I ask myself: do I really need this? Small steps but that's what I can do and I try to raise awareness amongst my friends and followers to take small actions too... 
How was your style evolved throughout your life?
I have always been a comfort before anything kind of person. Not sure if it evolved :) 
What pandemic has changed in your life?
 I have been traveling all my life non stop. With the pandemic I had to stop. And I actually enjoyed this mandatory break even though as a musician I was completely out of income. I built healthy habits, I learned how to cook, I focused more on music production and released my first EP, I became a plant mom and had the chance and time to dive deep in some personal development issues that changed me forever. It has been a difficult yet beautiful time period for me. 
And last but not least do you have any book or music recommendations?
I update my spotify playlist weekly, for anyone interested in my music rec: Playlist. And I'D recommend reading the book: The Presence Process

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