Why we're choosing No Black Friday...

We at OhSevenDays believe the concept of Black Friday is contributing to a competitive, aggressive and wasteful consumer culture. The frantic sales event also leaves a huge carbon footprint with vast spikes in delivery vehicles and a rise in waste levels from packaging and frivolous spending.

It’s for this reason, we’ve decided not to participate in this year’s Black Friday as we don’t want to contribute to the frenzied push for over-consumption.

It is our philosophy that your clothing purchases (any purchase for that matter) should be consciously considered. Before making any purchase this season, we encourage you to consider 3 main things: where/how it was made, how long/many times will you use it and how will you dispose of it.  

However, we do recognize that not everyone has the means to shop ethically all year round and it’s important to make sustainable fashion more accessible to the masses. That’s why we will be running a post cyber week sale between Dec 2 – 8th.

The reality when producing a clothing label, is it’s near impossible to predict the exact amount of stock to produce. Therefore, it’s inevitable to be left with some excess inventory. In an effort to ensure nothing goes to waste, this year our sale event will be featuring an eclectic mix of collections we’ve created over the last few seasons.  

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