Slow Friday: Positive Alternatives to Shopping This Black Friday

We've joined the Fashion Revolution campaign this year and abstaining from slashing our prices over cyber weekend. Instead, we're donating 5% of sales to the cause. 

We're aiming to help reposition Black Friday as a day to reflect on the environmental and human sacrifice of over-production and over-consumption. 

We also want to give you all ideas on what to do instead of splurging the deals this weekend. We love the idea of the MUMSS guide: Mend, Upcycle, Make, Share and Swap 

Here are our top tips on how to MUMSS it this season:


Instead of buying new all the time, why not mend what you already have. Here are a couple handy tutorials we've used over the years to mend damaged clothing items that need a second life. 

How to Repair a hole in a t-shirt: video
How to sew a button: video
How to patch up jeans: video


We exclusively use upcylced / surplus materials for our collections. You can too for your at home project. Here are a couple places to find surplus fabrics yourself!

Queens of Raw
Amo Threads


With that awesome surplus fabric you've now found, why not make a few scrunchies. Here's Megan, our Founder and Head Designer, giving you a step-by-step scrunchie tutorial. 

IGTV Tutorial: How to make your own Oh'Scrunchie


Our list of the favourite fashion leasing websites so instead of buying you can pay a fraction of the cost and wear only as many times as you need. 

Swap (Or Swish): 

Someone's trash is another's treasure! Here's our list of the best fashion swap organisations and parties you can participate in. 






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