6 natural methods for removing stains from clothes

Written by: Fulvia Mariotti 


Do you know that terrible feeling when you realize you might have just stained one of your favorite clothing pieces? When that happens don’t make the mistake of just throwing it in the laundry bag and wash it with products full of chemicals. Here are 6 natural (and EASY) methods to remove all sorts of stains and bring your clothes back to looking their best!



1. Cold water

Let’s start from the basics: cold water. Cold water is a precious ally for removing bloodstains as it prevents them from seeping into the fabric. You simply need to soak the stain in cold water for around 30 minutes. Remember: in these cases never use hot water as it will fix the stain even more.


2. Hot water

On the other hand, hot water removes coffee stains from fabrics such as linen or cotton. To remove coffee stains from other kinds fabrics you should add a bit of organic soap to the hot water.


3. Lemon or Lime Juice 

Both lemon and lime juice contain acetic acids which have a natural bleaching action on fabrics. They can be used to remove yellow underarm or rust stains. However, if left on the fabric for too long, they could cause permanent bleach so don’t forget to wash it off quickly!


4. White Vinegar 

White vinegar is one of the most effective remedies for all sorts of stains, even the most tricky ones - but don’t use it on very delicate clothes as it could stain them even more. Rub the white vinegar - which can be diluted with water or lemon juice - on the stain and then wash it off with organic soap.


 5. Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds are a great solution for cleaning stains caused by soft drinks. Just dab the part stained with white vinegar (I told you it was very useful!) and then gently rub the coffee grounds: this will remove the sticky layer created by the sugary syrup.


6. Salt 

Salt can be used to remove oil stains from your clothes. Place it onto the stain and let it sit for at least three hours, then remove it with a brush/toothbrush in the opposite direction of the fabric. Finally, rinse it with warm water. 

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